Inside Running Elite Management provides a hands on and professional management service to elite athletes
Inside Running Recruitment provides player recruitment services to rugby union clubs and players.
Inside Running Academy provides a rugby development experience that empowers players to reach their potential.

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Inside Running
Elite Management Service

Elite athletes have varying requirements from an agent & as such we tailor our services to meet each individual's needs.

The services required will vary greatly depending on the athletes' age & stage of career, goals & ambition & the teams they represent. Below is a brief breakdown of the different areas we support our clients in. Contract Negotiation

Contract Negotiation

Elite Management offers its clients top quality contract negotiation. We have a number of years experience in the industry & have built up extensive market knowledge, an invaluable asset, to ensure our client's bottom line is maximised each & every time.

We have excellent working relationships with the NZRU, Super 15 franchises, Provincial Unions & the New Zealand Rugby Players Association. This ensures we are on the pulse across all rugby matters and aware of opportunities for Inside Running clients across the country.

Career Mentoring & Athlete Development

Elite Management works closely with its clients to develop both short & long-term career plans ensuring that we are in tune with our clients dreams and aspirations. We help set both professional & personal goals that are both realistic & challenging.

Career plans cover goals both inside & outside of our clients' chosen code with a focus on 'life after sport'. We have a number of years experience guiding & mentoring young, talented sportspeople through their careers both on and off the field and are there to support you with every step.

Taxation & Financial Advice

Elite Management offers advice through various third party providers on all financial matters that affect our clients. From buying property, sourcing an accountant, setting up trusts, assistance with foreign exchange accounts to advice on tax & investments, we have a wide range of financial expertise available to all Elite Management clients.

As each client is in a different financial position with different goals, there is no set service that we offer our clients. It is case by case. Some clients require assistance setting up budgets, others may want advice regarding the right structures for property purchases etc. We do not claim to ‘know it all’ but do have contacts with a wide range of people who are experts & do!

Our goal is to ensure all clients are well 'set up' for life after professional sport & have a plan in place to help them reach both their long & short term financial goals.

Sponsorship & Endorsements

Inside Running Elite Management endeavour to assist all clients gain apparel sponsors. The level of this varies depending on the level of the player & hence the exposure they offer a sponsor/brand. Deals range from boots & runners at cost to full apparel sponsorship contracts. We have relationships with all the major boot/footwear suppliers; Asics, Adidas, Lotto, Mizuno, Nike, Puma etc.

For Elite Management Clients who build up a public profile we search for opportunities for our clients to be represented outside of the sporting arena. This ranges from putting together sponsorship proposals to sourcing speaking engagements & media opportunities for clients.

Qualified Advice On All Supplements & Banned Substances

Through our expert in this field, Kevin Burgess (qualified pharmacist with over 30 years exp), Elite Management is able to offer current information & answers to any questions regarding supplements & banned substances. Via a quick txt message we can ascertain information about any supplement, prescription, party pill etc & whether there is any risk to our client regarding it having any element of a banned substance in it.